To my International Readers - Interest in Guitar Refin Services ??

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  • at 5/01/2008 11:17:00 AM -
I have noticed that a good chunk of the visitors to my blog are from Europe and Australia - as well as a smattering from Japan, South America, India, the Ukraine, etc., etc.

I am able to see the country and city most visitors are connecting from via EWebCounter - a freebie service that runs the counter on my webpage and also keeps a running tally of country by country visits to my blog. Pretty nifty, though I do admit it also brings home the "Big Brother" possibilities of the internet ... I am a big fan of George Orwell's cautionary tales.

Anyway - I digress - my question to international readers is - would you consider using my refinishing services if I could keep the shipping costs down and promise a consistent turn around time ?

Here are a few points to consider, using a Fender Precision body as an example:

- shipping cost, without any hardware, from the USA to western europe is around $40 US (33 Euros); the shipping cost from Europe to me probably varies by country, but I'd estimate that the roundtrip cost would be around $100 US.

- shipping time seems to be on the order of 1 week each way, so a roundtrip time of 2 weeks, plus of course the time for me to do a refinish

- customs duty: I will have to look into this, but there should be no customs duty either way since no merchandise is actually changing hands - probably some special forms I'd need to provide and fill out. This can be a significant point since the duty is on the order of 25% for most of europe.

- my pricing for refinishing and repair is the same regardless of where you are from, so for a Fender body that would typically run from $200 to $300 US.

So the bottom line is that a refin of a Fender Precision body for a customer in say Norway would cost around $300 to $400 and take about 6 to 8 weeks. I'm not sure how available nitro refins are in most of Europe, but I'd guess with the cost of labor and weakness of the dollar my prices would be lower. And I have access to all those nice custom colors.

I welcome feedback - either through the comments function - or via email directly at:

Thanks !!


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