Custom Builds

In addition to restorations, Guitar Garage offers custom instrument building services.

While we can make relatively "conventional" custom built instruments, we tend to specialize in more "out there" customs - either in terms of their shape and finish or in terms of their construction and materials.

We have expanded our experience to working not only with a range of woods, from common (e.g. pine) to exotic (teak, lacewood and paduak) but also with plastics, aluminum and even concrete !!

And beyond 4 string basses and 6 string guitars, we also have the capability to make ukeleles, baritone guitars, multi-neck instruments, 8-string basses.

At this point we do not offer hollow-body archtop or acoustic instruments, but we do plan to eventually offer those as well.

This page illustrates some of the custom builds we are
currently working on or have recently completed.

If you have an idea for an instrument you'd like to build, feel free to contact us - and we will tell you if we can do as well as provide a preliminary estimate of the cost and time required.

Explorer-Bird Bass - red oak top, Jazz bass neck

Explorer-Bird Bass - spalted maple body

Marijuana Leaf Guitar - with custom-built case

"Roots" Guitar - carved cherry body & neck,
cedar fretboard, gold hardware
Concrete Bass - cast concrete with
Dan Armstrong bass neck - 28 lbs !!
Tulip Bass - maple neck thru construction with
pine body wings, green plexi guard.
Inspired by '56 Tulip Rickenbacker guitar

Micro-Bass - two-string, semi-hollow, 27.5 inch scale
built as beginner's instrument for child, to
teach fundamentals of fretting and timing while
still being simple to play
Aluminum Baritone Guitar - polished aluminum
through neck, with maple body, 9-strings,
31 inch scale length

Lightweight Bass - Semi-hollow cedar neck & body,
spalted mapletop and fretboard, 3 lbs 14 oz total weight.