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Cool Instruments For Sale !!

Please contact us at: if you are interested in any of the listed items.   If you are local to the Boston area, contact us to check out any of the items below in person.

Bach TB2 -  "Thunderbird" - excellent close-to-new condition, discontinued model, set-neck, all-mahogany - $600  - SOLD !!

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Made by Czech instrument maker Bach, circa 2009, but now discontinued, this instrument is based on the late-60s Non-reverse Thunderbird. Set-neck, all mahogany, rosewood board and two humbucker pickups.

This is a very well-built instrument, with the neck being almost right-on in duplicating the profile and feel of a '66 Non-reverse Thunderbird.  The body is slightly thicker than a 60's Thunderbird and lacks the rear-scoop.  The weight is 9 lbs on the nose.

The two humbucker pickups do a reasonable job of sounding like a vintage Thunderbird but with a bit less "bite".  An obvious mod would be to install a pair of Thunderbucker Ranch or similar pickups.

The bass is in excellent condition besides some finish wear on the butt end of the body and one small ding near the neck volume knob.

There is no case with this instrument - it might fit into an Epiphone T-bird case but not sure. It will NOT fit into a Fender Bass case - it's too long.  It will be shipped double-boxed to protect it (shipping is not included in the pric

1966 Gibson Melodymaker - body only refinish in aged Pelham Blue, no breaks or repairs, mostly original parts - $800

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A very cute 1966 Gibson Melodymaker refinished to its original Pelham Blue lacquer with an aged nitrocellulose clearcoat to give it the greenish metallic color typical of these instruments.  The guitar body was finished in a clear coat when I bought it, but there were traces of the original Pelham Blue in the pickup cavities.

The guitar has no cracks or repairs to the neck or body.  The neck is a smaller profile and narrower nut width than the SG Junior listed below at 1.526 inches ( or 1 17/32nds ).

The vast majority of the hardware on the guitar is original, including the molded pickguard, electronics, tuners, bridge and tremelo.  The only parts that are non-original are the strap buttons, possibly tuner bushings and the repro knobs - and the guitar is missing the brass shielding inside the control cavity (its currently shielded with foil instead).

The frets show typical wear for a nearly 50 year-old guitar, but the guitar plays fine without buzzes as the neck is straight and the action low.  The neck finish is original I believe and shows some chipping and checking.  The body refinish has a few light scratches and finish chip at the tip of the bass-side horn - but as you can see in the pictures, its pretty sharp and authentic looking.

The pickup measures at  7K Ohms resistance and is a fairly bright sounding single coil with moderate output - maybe along the lines of an overwound Danelectro pickup.

The guitar weighs in at 6 lbs even - nice and light.  The guitar comes in a 1980s Gibson "chainsaw case" made of molded plastic.  The price is $850 - which reflects the fact that the guitar body has been refinished.

1969 Martin D-35, All Original, OHSC, Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides - $3750

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This is a one owner 1969 Martin D-35, the last year for the gorgeous Brazilian Rosewood back and sides on this classic model.

The guitar has been played over the years and shows a bit of wear on the front, but otherwise is in very good condition and appears to be 100% original and includes the original hardshell case.  The Grover tuners are original from the factory as well.

As can be seen in the picture below, there is little or no bellying of the top (currently strung with .046 strings) and the action is comfortable with moderate wear on the original frets and no buzzing or rattling along the fretboard. The guitar could probably handle a set of heavier strings but I simply replaced the set of .046's that had been on the guitar for the past decade or two !!

There is one deep scratch which may be a minor crack on the lower bout of the spruce top, near the edge - but it doesn't seem to move so I am not touching it.  There are no loose braces.

The top finish is worn and checked as would be expected, but looks great with lots of "mojo".

The guitar is available for examination and playing in Waltham MA if you are in the local area. 

1964 Gibson SG Junior Refinished in aged Pelham Blue, vintage hardware, monster neck, 5 lbs, 14 oz. !  - $1300 (Sold)

Refinished in aged Pelham Blue.  This SG Junior also has the wide large profile neck with a nut width of 1.67 inches ( just a hair under 1 11/16ths inches ) - and is slightly unusual in that it was never fitted with a tremelo tailpiece. 

The neck and headstock have never been broken, though the tuner holes were drilled out at some point and now have oversize bushings.  The body has a rout repair for a second pickup and a smaller repair (mostly under the guard) for a selector switch.

Most of the parts are correct vintage parts, including the bridge and mounting studs, single-line Kluson tuners, a very hot 1963 P-90 pickup and the rear control cover. Replacement parts include the pickguard, pickup cover, knobs, pots and jack.  The headstock face has the original finish and logo. Its also SUPER lightweight - a mere 5 lbs, 14 ozs. !

1973 Fender Precision Bass, Original Natural Finish - (Sold)

The original polyurethane finish on the ash body has yellowed to a gorgeous honey color and has the typical belt-buckle wear on the back.  The headstock face is yellowed to an almost identical color on the otherwise AMAZINGLY clean neck.

The neck is in amazing condition and dead flat, with the original nut.

A moderately heavy but great playing and awesome sounding P-bass !!

1971 Fender Precision Bass, Refinished in Firemist Gold, Original Case - $1450 (Sold)

The body was refinished to hide a bridge pickup rout repair, but the neck finish and logo are entirely original and exceptionally clean except for the usual e-string cigarette burn on the headstock (doh!!).

This very cool color was available as a "custom color" from the Fender factory from mid-1965 through 1971 (it was originally a 1964 Cadillac color). 

Reissue pickguard, thumbrest,strap buttons, knobs, chromed covers, CTS pots, Switchcraft jack, "F" neckplate with '71 serial number.

1976 Guild Starfire IV, Original Rare Factory Black finish, Original Case - (Sold)

100% original 1976 Guild Starfire IV guitar, in a rare Black finish from the factory - these were usually only available in natural or sunburst.  The guitar is in very good/excellent condition with some belt buckle wear on the back of the body and a few small finish chips here and there.

1968 Gibson EB-3, Refinished in aged White, $800 - (Sold)

This bass has had a headstock repair and was then refinished in an aged white finish.    Original pickups, bridge, tuners and backplate - pickguard, pots, knobs, switch and truss rod cover are new.

Super flat and straight neck with absolutely thundering bottom-end from the neck pickup and a nice bite from the bridge baby humbucker. No case.