Del Vecchio Electric Guitar - Weirdo Surf Guitar !!!

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  • at 4/01/2008 12:17:00 PM -
After perusing through the stacks of weird instruments in my attic .. closets .. basement .. etc .. I decided maybe a weekly series covering a particularly weird, rare or unusual instrument or amplifier from my collection would interest people - feedback is welcomed!!

So first up is a seemingly obscure - maybe close to unique - instrument made by the well-regarded Brazilian manufacturer Del Vecchio. Del Vecchio are primarily known for their resonator guitars, though they also have made other acoustic instruments such as classical guitars and ukes.

What I have here however is a solid body electric guitar, loosely modeled on the Fender Jaguar - and apparently from sometime in the 1960s. I found this on Ebay several years ago after using one of my favorite search terms "project" - it was cheap because it was incomplete and essentially an unknown instrument. Oh yeah - and it's built QUITE poorly !!

Some classical guitar construction influence can be seen in:
- the tuners, which appear to be right off a 12-string acoustic
- the mega chunky neck without an adjustable truss rod

The paint color, three pickups and incomplete tremelo all point to the early or mid-60s surf guitar influence. The pickups maybe have not held up well over the years - though they are not dead - just VERY low resistance (2 K ohms) and even lower output.

As a point of comparison, below are a few pictures of a more typical Del Vecchio resonator guitar - this rather beat example was for sale by Elderly Instruments at one time.

I will add some more pics to this post in the future, but if anyone out there has any more info on Del Vecchio electrics or has ever seen another, please let me know.


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  1. Hi!
    Does the Del Vecchio play at all? Was the case made for it?

  2. Hi - no, at this point there is no bridge on the Del Vecchio - its in my "get around to it someday" category. The neck is kind of like a baseball bat, so its not going to be a great playing guitar - but it certainly is interesting. I wish I could find out more about it!

    The case came with the guitar and is definitely fitted to the guitar, so I assume it must be original!

  3. Hows it i have chet atkins Del Vechio.
    I bought it 30 years ago in Naples Florida ,.
    It came out of an estate owned by a famous Grangd Old Opera star.
    Do you know anyone that would be interested in purchasing?

  4. I have a 1965 del vecchio that I bought in 1973 for $75 including original case.
    I have to replace the trapeze tailpiece,
    otherwise in good original condition.
    Any idea of the worth, anyone.
    Ball park figure would do.
    Thanks Aug. 19 2010

  5. I know the Del Vecchio acoustic instruments are well thought of, but I'm really not up on the prices. I would suggest looking around online and seeing what's been put up there by dealers - and then probably taking about 50 - 60% of that as a realistic market value.

  6. l have 14 fret dv it has a flat style headstock . the name on top is barcley kustom its mint with a modern neck and the intonation is correct. the body is rosewood no damage to it . the fingerboard is ebony and theres no metal in the way the body is built the cone is on a wood ring sound holes which are six on the top of the cone cover . no idea of age