In addition to refinishing and full restoration, we also offer repair services for vintage and non-vintage instruments. Some examples of typical repair services are listed below - but our capabilities are always expanding - so feel free to make inquiries if you require work that is NOT listed below.

Refretting - $225 and up

Basic refret, guitar or bass, 22 or fewer frets, no binding -  $225

Bound neck, or fretboard repair or extensive leveling will be additional - depending on the extent of the effort required - $50 to $100

Partial refrets or leveling and crowning of frets -  by quote depending on the amount of work required

Converting to fretless - by quote

Truss Rod Repair - $150 and up

Vintage-style Fender bass and guitar necks -  $200
This is for Fender necks with the adjustment at the butt of the neck as opposed to the headstock. Price for Fender necks with the adjustment at the headstock (bullet truss rod) will depend on where the break is.
!!!!  Fender bass truss rods a speciality !!!

Gibson and other set-neck guitars - $200 and up
Depending on location of break and configuration of neck and truss rod - and whether or not the fretboard must be removed.

Neck , Headstock Repairs or Fretboard Replacements - By Quote

Neck repairs can range from gluing a clean headstock break to a complete rebuild of a neck including removal and replacement of the fretboard.

Electronics Installation or Modification - By Quote

This can range from simple pickup switch outs - to completely custom pickup and control installations - by quote depending on the complexity of the job.

Hardware Installation or Modification - By Quote

Replacing tuners, bridges, nuts and tailpieces can range from drop-in replacements, to repositioning of components to correct intonation or playability problems. This work will usually also include at least a basic set-up of the instrument as well.

Custom or Repro Pickguards - By Quote

We are able to create repro and custom pickguards out of a variety of plastics, with custom finishes (e.g. gilded) and from some woods. 
Some guards are made entirely in-house, while some are done for us by WD Products - we pick the most cost-effective approach for our clients.