Radical Ibanez Roadstar BassMod, in Daphne Blue

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  • at 6/25/2008 04:43:00 PM -

Here's a project I just started a few days ago - for a client from the local "Bassment" forum. This started out as an Ibanez Roadstar 2 Bass - presumably from the 80s. As you can see from a picture of the bass before any mods, it was a fairly conventional P-bass influenced instrument.

The owner wanted something with a more original and sculpted body shape, and carved the original body into a very different shape.

The novel body shape obviously required a novel pickguard - so after a few back and forths, we have settled on this shape, which I'll be cutting from 3-play W/B/W material during the coming week. The body has been sprayed with sealer - and after a final sanding, will be primed and then painted with a Daphne Blue color coat - watch for updates !!

(Update 6/29/08)
The project is moving on - after sanding the sealer coats the body was ready for a white primer coat. The primer coat revealed a few deep scratches and a few little dings, which were then filled with glazing putty.

The entire body was wet sanded and given one more coat of white primer- after which it looked like this!

Another quick wet sanding, and the body was ready for its first color coat of Daphne Blue nitro. The paint went on smoothly and there really aren't any flaws visible, so I anticipate finishing the color coats today and then applying a clear coat. As you can see, the bass is already looking pretty nice !

The plan is to apply a slightly ambered topcoat to the bass, which will make the Daphne Blue appear almost like Sea Foam Green (see the pics of the 1966 Mustang guitar I did as an example).

I'm also going to start work on the new pickguard - and after that this bass should be going together very quickly!!

(Update July 3rd, 2008)
The pickguard is cut and the body has a few clear coats on it. Obviously, the guard still needs to have holes drilled and a little bit of work around the pickup cut-out. The body will get another clear coat, then an "ambering" coat, followed by a final clear coat and a buffing out - next pics should be of the completed bass - sans pickup and control.

Happy 4th of July everybody - don't blow your fingers off or put an eye out !!!


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  1. Wow! Dang mang, that looks cool! Gotta say, I'm very pleased with the look of this axe. Neat.