SOLD!: 1977 Fender Mustang Bass - VERY CLEAN!!

  • Posted by Krishna
  • at 6/13/2008 11:20:00 PM -
Ok this bass has no refinish or repair story to it - its simply in amazing condition.

I bought this several years ago when I really wanted a Mustang Bass - mostly I wanted a 60s example, but this one was clean and priced right so I bought it. Of course, a few months later I was able to trade a bass I didnt really want for an all-original 1966 Dakota Red Mustang Bass, so this bass languished.

I actually FORGOT how clean it was !

Anyway - I have decided to put this fine specimen up for sale - warning - its not cheap ! But this is a remarkable example due to the complete lack of fading and yellowing anywhere on the bass.

The neck stamp dates this bass to the 31st week of 1977 - July 1977 ?

This bass has never been modified and the only time its been disassembled was a few hours ago so that I could take some of these pictures. There is still rubbing compound from the factory UNDER the pickguard !!!

The only wear on the bass is some scratching of the lower part of the pickguard from a pick - and a few minor rubs and scratches (surface only) on an edge here and there. Other than that, the bass looks brand new - 31 years later.

I will be posting more pictures tomorrow - but here are a few for now. The case is also in excellent condition.

Sold!! Thanks Matt


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