Squier Strat Quickie Paint Job

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  • at 1/23/2008 02:34:00 AM -
A customer acquired Squier of indeterminate vintage, for free I believe, and decided they wanted to "spiff" it up without spending a lot. Since the Squier had the typical poly urethane/polyester bowling ball finish and it was a heavy plywood body, we agreed that I'd leave the original finish underneath a new dark blue metallic finish. I am also installing a Dimarzio Humbucker in place of the stock Squier bridge humbucker.

The first step was to disassemble the guitar and rough up the original black finish to give the new finish something to grip onto. I used a random orbital sander with a 100 grit pad for the front and back, and 220 grit wet and dry paper for the contours and edges. I then wet sanded the front and back with a block and 220 paper. This is what the body looked like after that:

I then sprayed the body with a good heavy coat of Camger flat white nitro primer - which not only gives a good surface for the color coat but also helps fill in small scratches in the under coat.

Once the primer dried a few hours, I wet sanded it to smooth out the body, with 320 grit wet and dry paper. This removed some of the primer coat but not enough to warrant a second primer coat, especially since the body looked quite good. For the color coat, I used a can of Duplicolor acrylic lacquer in "Dark Blue", which is a dark metallic blue. I first just lightly coated the edges and then the front and back - and set the body aside for 15 minutes to let the solvent flash off.

Then over the next half hour I built up heavier coats of color until I had complete coverage on all surfaces. This is the body drying after the initial color coat - looks pretty good already !!

Once this coat dries - I plan on wet sanding the body with 400 and 800 grit paper - and then applying one more color coat if there are any sand throughs. If there aren't, then I will move right to clear coats - I'll probably put at least 3 or 4 clear coats on, before a final wet sanding, compounding and buffing out.

UPDATE 3/13/07

Finally finished putting this strat together, with a Dimarzio pickup added at the bridge position. A few pics of the completed guitar.


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