The Hives - live garage rock from Sweden last night in Cambridge, MA

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Ok this has nothing to do with guitar repair, though the Hives are a decidedly retro band - with a serious "extract of Nuggets" sound - simple and catchy like the Troggs or early Kinks but a hell of a lot tighter ? And they do play sorta vintage equipment, though seemingly less and less so.

All amps were grey finished Hiwatts - and instruments were a black Les Paul Custom, a white 70's Tele bass, and a few different black Telecaster guitars. Last time I saw them, the band was sporting an Epiphone batwing Crestwood Custom, a white P-bass and a black single cutaway Dano - maybe they decided to leave the real vintage stuff at home where its safer.

The show was at the Middle East Downstairs, a 550 person capacity club and former candle-pin bowling alley in Cambridge MA. Apparently the show sold out in 15 minutes or something silly like that - so it was pretty cozy and sweaty and loud down there. A good time was had by all. A few pictures for your viewing pleasure - more pictures can be seen by clicking here !!

hives 1hives 2sing along

And below - a first for my blog an actual video clip from last night - the Hives doing "Supply & Demand" - and yes, I like to be up front for shows !! (filmed using my tiny Canon SD-10 digital camera)


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