Custom Builds

The Guitar Garage has expanded into offering custom builds of electric guitars and basses.  We may eventually offer acoustic instruments as well, but for the time being we are focused on solid or semi-hollow solid body instruments.

Instruments can be build around off the shelf or existing necks - or can be built completely from scratch.

Materials and finishes of all sorts are possible - including exotic woods, plastics, aluminum and yes, even concrete !!

We have access to a large collection of vintage instruments - so its often possible to incorporate the characteristics of an existing instrument - such as the neck shape and profile - and build it into a completely different guitar or bass.

For example,  a Telecaster-style guitar with the neck profile of a 1964 SG Junior and semi-hollow mahogany body with a bound maple top - or whatever else you can come up with.

Please contact us at: if you are interested in a Custom Build.

Below are a few examples of recent custom builds.

"Explore-Bird" Bass - spalted maple body with red oak top, Warmoth Jazz Bass neck

Concrete Bass - HEAVY !!

2-String Microbass - 27 1/2 inch scale, semi-acoustic

"Sweetleaf" guitar - all mahogany, set-neck, modeled on Iommi's '65 Special