SOLD: Nonreverse Gibson Firebird 3, Cardinal Red

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SOLD: currently listed on Ebay

This 1965 Firebird has a repaired headstock crack and the headstock only oversprayed in matching Cardinal Red - and is now a rock solid example of one of these very cool guitars.

The repair and headstock overspray are documented in this blog post.

The only non-original parts on the guitar are the tuners and tuner ferrules - everything else is 100% original.

Opening up the back control panel, it's very clean and none of the joints have ever been unsoldered. The pots date to the 39th week of 1965 - making this a late 1965 Firebird. The serial number is barely visible through the finish, but it is 5191XX, which also corresponds to 1965.

This is a fine bird!! I love how P-90s sound - and the middle position, which I believe combines the neck and middle pickup - just sounds great. Fairly high output which can even overdrive my Ampeg B15N, which is a fairly low-gain amp.

The headstock repair and overspray came out very well - the overspray is most apparent because of the lack of finish checking on the headstock vs. the rest of the guitar. The repaired crack is visible as a fine line under the finish, but it is not prominent and it is solid.

A great playing instrument with a dead straight neck - and the neck set is actually deep enough that the tremelo works and the bridge doesn't wander ! The Cardinal Red finish is quite rare - I haven't seen an original finish example for sale in a long time.

The guitar comes in an excellent condition "thick" 1963 - 1965 Gibson Firebird case, which is what Reverse Firebirds shipped in.

This guitar is currently listed on Ebay  - with a start price of $2950 - though you can contact me directly as well about purchasing it.

I do ship internationally, though because of the size of the case shipping may be prohibitive to some countries. Payment can be via Paypal, cashier's check or wire transfer, though there may be some fees involved for the latter.

If you're interested, please do contact me:


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