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  • at 1/23/2008 02:48:00 AM -

Around November it became obvious that I was going to have to find a way to spray indoors, either by setting up a spray booth in my workshop, or finding a heated space I could use. After shopping around online, I realized that a full size spraybooth was out of my budget for now, but that there were a number of "hobby" spray booths that would at the very least allow me to spray Fender-style bodies or do touch up work or paint headstocks and necks.

I purchased a Paasche 30 inch, dual fan spray booth online, along with a set of devilbiss HVLP spray guns. While the spray booth had fans and a double filtration system built in (one for paint particulates and one for VOC), it was obvious that the booth had to exhaust to the outside and also would need a cover so that sprayed pieces could dry without fumigating my workshop and home.

I was able to use aluminum dryer vents and fittings, connected to a thick masonite plate, to vent the spray booth through one of my basement windows. The plate slides into the window frame when it is opened but can then be reomved so that the window can be sealed up when the spray booth is not in use. The exterior portion of the vents have typical hinged dryer vent doors, to keep out wind and precipitation and squirrels!

I added a front cover made from 1/8th inch plexiglas, hinged so that I could seal off the booth for use as a drying booth. I may add some adjustable stops so that I can keep the door slightly ajar, thereby allowing me to keep one fan running while a guitar body or neck dries inside the booth.

The booth is not big enough to fit an entire guitar within it - but I may modify it this spring to widen it out to something like 60 inches.


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